Battle of the Bands | Dead Beat Generation

If this competitions was judged purely on the combined weight to height ratio of  band members then Dead Beat Generation would walk it. If it were judged on skinny red trousers, dirty blonde afros or two tone shoes, or even the number cool musical influences in a set then Dead Beat Generation would have more than a fighting chance. Unfortunately, perhaps, for Dead Beat Generation this competition is judged on something else.

IMG_7909All snarly and scratchy the singer spat out some words of contempt between  songs: – “I’m not very good a small talk”, “None of the other band write songs about anything”, “We’re the band, you’re the poor unfortunates who have to endure us”. Their influences seem to be early or even pre 80’s, a couple of tracks had Joy Division, Gang of Four and Fall thing going on but then in another song they would sound like Velvet Underground and the Stooges. They did have a good knack of making the start of every song sound like each band member was playing their own intro before pulling the song together for a sightly less shambolic, slightly more  cohesive chorus.

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