Battle of the bands | Fast Fuse

Fast Fuse kicked off the Howardian leg of the Under Construction Battle of the bands competition with some very competent heavy rock. The quality base and drums rhythm section backed up some nice fuzzy guitar wailing. I guess they sounded a bit like heavy Pearl Jam at times but more contemporary with more of a groove. No one can denied that these were four talented guys and technically some of the best musicians of the night.

2 thoughts on “Battle of the bands | Fast Fuse

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  2. The solution might be to make Roissy a legendary offscreen expert who has condescended to advise via text message three or four hopeless Big Bang Theory-like acolytes / losers in their quests. But in the presence of real live girls, they constantly fumble Roissy's lines to comic and likable effect. Big Bang has already been there and done that. There was an episode where Howard was doing the PUA thing (wearing an eye-patch and "negging" Penny) to comedic and likable effect.

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