Battle of the Bands | Matam

What can I say about Matam that hasn’t already been said… Drummerless, slightly confused, occasional out of time, tall. Throughout the gig I would, from time to time pinch myself and realise, I wasn’t dreaming about a deleted episode of The Big Bang Theory, where they form a hapless, yet lovable, alt guitar pop band, this was actually happening.

Matam, named after an act of self-flagellation during the Shia Remembrance of Muharram, you heard it here first, were probably the most intellectual band of the evening and may be a times could have sounded a bit like the Divine Comedy, with out a drummer, with a wonky drum machine, a bit out of time, on ketamine, if you squinted, with your head in a bucket full of apples.

It turns out that the wonky drum machine was an adhock ¬†stand in for an actual real life drumer who was inexcusably missing. I guess that is not that unsurprising but for me, may be a little disappointing. May be Matam should ¬†invent a spinal tap like exploding drummer scenario for the next gig… Or may be not.


Battle of the bands | Echos Spoke First

This is when the madness kicked up a level.
Echo Spoke First have 2 front men! One of them is a lead singer/head banger/man mountain and looks like he fell asleep at a Black Flag gig and had just woken up 20 years later. The other is the lead screamer/guitarist/emo geek complete with Union Jack t-shirt and Stars and Stripe Cons. The three other guys just blended into the background and looked and sounded kind of post metal, hardcore, doom. All the song sounded heavy and pretty down tempo with lots of scream core vocals from Mr Emo Geek and lots of head banging from the man mountain. In between song the banter was quite surreal, at times it was like a live, impromptu link on a children’s TV program hosted by Dick and Dom, if Dom had been replaced by Zed from Police Academy and Dick had taken a lot of acid!

“If you die in Canada do you die in real life”.

Apparently Echo Spoke First have a Facebook page which according to the man mountain, you definitely have to checkout. I did and I was surprised to learn that this was there first gig so all in all I think they did pretty well. They also have a great photo on their facebook page where the band look like they are a a super group, misalliance containing Henry Rollins, one of my Chemical Romance, Axle Rose, Slash, and Tim burgess from the charlatans. They will also have a twitter page soon, I for one, can’t wait.