About Us


Howardian Youth Centre and it’s music studio ‘Studio22’ have been open to young people for over 20 years with a long tradition of hosting music events by its studio members, giving the young people who rehearse, record and receive tuition there every week a chance to showcase their talent to friends and family.  For the past 20 years the Music Studio has been funded solely by Cardiff Council Youth Service and line managed through Howardian Youth Centre’s budget.  Due to Cardiff Council cutting Studio22’s funding outright in early 2016 we have now transitioned into a CIC (Community Interest Charity) with one part time employee (Bud Harper) who delivers music sessions for young people and maintains Studio22’s equipment.

Studio22 opens multiple evenings during the week 17:00/21:00 for young people aged 5-24.  Drop-ins are welcomed, but sessions are usually kept on a booking system where young people book themselves a room at an available time slot and pay usually £1 per person per hour, per room.  It is a purpose built studio with three practice rooms and two recording rooms located in the main Howardian Centre.  Approx. 50 young people from all across Cardiff use the studio every week to practice in their groups, record their music,  receive tuition in music technology, learn drums, guitars, keyboard and more. Though provision is traditionally only delivered during school terms, the studio endeavours to utilise its volunteers and friends of the studio in order to be able to offer provision during school holidays.

We also have a thriving young volunteer scheme that has been accredit with the Millennium Volunteers Award and more recently Spice’s Time Credit system.   As well as sitting on the studio’s weekly committee that meets to discuss and plan the studio’s development, these volunteers are trained to develop their technical and social skills in the studio, recording and assisting other young people, teaching and mentoring, accessing and applying for external funding, maintaining and repairing equipment, developing the provision’s online presence including the uploading of songs and videos produced by the young people, and organising the gigs which we regularly put on to showcase local young talent.  We currently have over 10 active volunteers at the studio and hope to grow this number in the near future.
Studio22 has worked with Career Wales and local High Schools for over 10 years in providing work experience opportunities and took on 30 students during 2014/2015.

For at least the past 10 years the young people have, with youth worker support, organised around five gigs a year which are held in Cardiff.  Generally these will be alternated between band gigs (loud rock bands) and acoustic gigs (commonly unplugged solo or duets, sometimes rappers and singers with backing tracks).


Mission Statement

1-      The Studio aims to help support all people in developing their musical and social skills but particularly young people under 25.

2-      It aims to deliver a safe, welcoming and creative environment.

3-      That provides facilities and a service that meets the individual and group needs of aspiring young musicians.

4-      It believes that activities should be young person led.

5-      To be able to offer opportunities for young people to gain experience through accredited volunteering and work experience through schools.

6-      To provide participatory activities like the Young Person’s Studio 22 Committee that create a culture where young people feel empowered to lead on activities and the development of the provision.

7-     To be able to record their musical work and promote it through the studio’s social media platforms.

8-      To encourage young people to interact and collaborate.

9-      To support young people in organising and performing music gigs to friends, family and the wider community.

10-   To help support young people in building their confidence.


Studio 22 Young Persons Managing Committee
Chairman – Jack Harding
Secretary – James Clark
Vice Chair – Morgan Cradick
Treasurer – Vacant
Outreach – Tom Watkins