Battle of the Bands | Matam

What can I say about Matam that hasn’t already been said… Drummerless, slightly confused, occasional out of time, tall. Throughout the gig I would, from time to time pinch myself and realise, I wasn’t dreaming about a deleted episode of The Big Bang Theory, where they form a hapless, yet lovable, alt guitar pop band, this was actually happening.

Matam, named after an act of self-flagellation during the Shia Remembrance of Muharram, you heard it here first, were probably the most intellectual band of the evening and may be a times could have sounded a bit like the Divine Comedy, with out a drummer, with a wonky drum machine, a bit out of time, on ketamine, if you squinted, with your head in a bucket full of apples.

It turns out that the wonky drum machine was an adhock ¬†stand in for an actual real life drumer who was inexcusably missing. I guess that is not that unsurprising but for me, may be a little disappointing. May be Matam should ¬†invent a spinal tap like exploding drummer scenario for the next gig… Or may be not.